Table 2 of Jiang, Mol Vis 2005; 11:143-151.

Table 2. Accession numbers or references for GCAP sequences used in the alignment of Figure Figure 3B

Up to eight GCAP genes have been identified in vertebrates (mammals, fishes, and amphibia). One sequence (sbGCAP2, from M. saxatiolis) is unpublished, and one sequence (fuguGCIP), derived from genomic contigs as described in [12], is not available from Genbank.

  Name         Species        Source
---------   -------------   -----------
bGCAP1      Bos taurus      AAB31698

hGCAP1      Homo sapiens    NP_000400

mGCAP1      Mus musculus    NP_032215

rGCAP1      Rattus          27681847

cGCAP1      Gallus gallus   P79880

fGCAP1      Rana pipiens    O73761

zGCAP1      Danio rerio     AAK95947

fuGCAP1     Fugu rubripes   CAD12779

siluGCAP1   Xenopus         AL874865

oryGCAP1    Oryzias         BAB83093

bGCAP2      Bos taurus      L43001

hGCAP2      Homo sapiens    8928106

mGCAP2      Mus musculus    NP_666191

sbGCAP2     Morone          unpublished
            saxatilis       data

cGCAP2      Gallus gallus   P79881

fGCAP2      Rana pipiens    O73762

siluGCAP2   Xenopus         AL797721

oryGCAP2    Oryzias         BAB83094

fuGCAP2     Fugu rubripes   CAD12780

zGCAP2      Danio rerio     AAK95948

hGCAP3      Homo sapiens    AAD19944

zGCAP3      Danio rerio     AAK95949

zGCAP4      Danio rerio     AY850384

zGCAP5      Danio rerio     AY850385

zGCAP7      Danio rerio     AY850386

fGCIP       Rana pipiens    O73763

fuguGCIP    Fugu rubripes   [12]

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