Table 5 of Harrington, Mol Vis 2004; 10:476-489.

Table 5. Parent crystallins of spots present in a 2D gel of WS-HMW proteins from cataractous lenses

Identification of parent crystallins of spots present in a 2D gel of HMW protein fraction from cataractous lenses with nuclear opacity. Spot number corresponds to the number shown in Figure 5B. Molecular weights were determined based on migration of protein molecular weight markers on the gel. In the cleavage column, "C" indicates C-terminus cleavage and "N" indicates N-terminus cleavage.

 Spot      Parent                 weight
number   crystallin   Cleavage     (kDa)
------   ----------   --------   ---------
  1          αB       N and C       8.9
  2          αB          N         18.0
  3          αB          N         18.0
  4          αB          N         18.0
  5          βB1      N and C      20.5
             βA3         C
  6          βB1      N and C      21.5
             βA3         C
  7          βB1      N and C      22.0
  8          βB1      N and C      22.5

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