Figure 1 of Tasheva, Mol Vis 2004; 10:403-416.

Figure 1. Representative PT-PCR experiments performed to assess mimecan expression in adult human eye

Top, Schematic, showing part of the human mimecan gene and primers for PCR amplification of mimecan cDNA. The primers were designed to flank an intron and to detect two major differentially spliced products. Primer sequences are as follows: forward 5'-GGC TAA TGC ACA GAC ATG AAC ATC TAT TGA GG-3', and reverse 5'-GCG TGA GTC CTG CTG GGT TGG TGG-3' (GenBank accession number NM_033014). Bottom, RNA isolated from indicated tissues used for RT-PCR. Two PCR bands correspond to differentially spliced mimecan mRNA transcripts and are indicated by arrows. The "M" indicates the Hi-Lo DNA marker (Minnesota Molecular, Minneapolis, MN).

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