Appendix 1 of Tasheva, Mol Vis 2004; 10:403-416.

Appendix 1. Raw normalized data from three independent microarray experiments

Reports from BD AtlasImageTM version 2.7 imaging software containing the raw data from three independent microarray experiments. Data provided in each file include the accession number of the gene spotted on the microarray and its position on the microarray (gene code, protein/gene columns), the normalized intensity value for experimental and control samples (intensity 1 and 2 and adjusted intensity 1 and 2 columns), the background values for experimental and control samples (background 1 and background 2 columns), the ratio of experimental to control samples and the difference in gene expression. The normalization coefficient for control samples on all arrays was 1. The normalization coefficients for the experimental samples on Arrays 1 through 3 were 1.2, 0.73, and 0.63, respectively. The empty cells within the protein/gene rows correspond to blank spots.

To access this data, click or select the words "Raw normalized data". This will initiate the download of a compressed (zip) archive. This file should be uncompressed with an appropriate program (the particular program will depend on your operating system). Once extracted, you will have a folder (or directory) containing three raw data files (one for each microarray). The files are tab delimited text. Most spreadsheet programs will import files in this format.

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