Figure 3 of Pina, Mol Vis 2004; 10:265-271.

Figure 3. Mutiple species sequence alignment of α-rod and α-cone transducins

Multiple sequence alignment of α-rod (group 1) and α-cone transducins (group 2) from mouse, cow, and man. The amino acids are denoted by their single-letter codes. Gaps in the aligned sequence are indicated by dots. Highly conserved alignment regions are red. The sequence numbering shown below the alignment is in accordance with group 2. Above the alignment the secondary structure elements of GBT1_BOVUS/PDB1TND are shown (labeling and naming according to Noel [18]; also Figure 4). The amino acids that are involved in GTP binding are labeled as in Noel [18], Figure 4C, and Figure 5. The alignment was drawn with ESPript version 2.0 [16].

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