Figure 1 of Walter, Mol Vis 2004; 10:186-198.

Figure 1. mRNA expression of clones B63 to E7 during various embryonic stages

The spatiotemporal expression of clones B63 through E7 is shown (see text and Table 1 for additional information regarding these clones). Clear expression can be seen in the developing lens in all cases except for C76, where no lens expression was observed after stage 24. Also note that in some cases, expression is also observed in tissues beyond the lens. All specimens are oriented so that the anterior end is toward the left and the dorsum is oriented toward the top. B63: Stages 24, 30, and 33. B81: Stages 23, 31, and 35. B87: Stages 26, 30, and 33. B89: Stages 24, 31, and 35. B105: Stages 26, 32, and 35. B118: Stages 26, 30, and 34. C76: Stages 24, 31, and 34. D43: Stages 26, 30, and 36. E7: Stages 24, 31, and 36. The results presented here for B87, B105, D43, and E7 expand previously reported results [25]. In the images, "ov" refers to the otic vesicle, "pa" refers to the pharyngeal arches, "pd" refers to the pronephric duct, "pi" refers to the pineal, "pn" refers to the pronephros, and "so" refers to the somites. The scale bar represents 600 μm.

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