Table 1 of Walter, Mol Vis 2004; 10:186-198.

Table 1. Similarity analysis of clones with observable embryonic expression patterns

In column two, Genbank accession numbers are provided for library clones and their corresponding nucleic acid and protein homologs. In column three, sizes reflect the lengths of nucleic acids that were sequenced, not the entire isolated clones. In column four, the nucleotide hits from Xenopus laevis ESTs with the highest possibility of a match are listed. Those clones with "no significant hits" do not strongly match the ESTs of any organism. In column five, the amino acid homologies with the highest possibility of a match are listed. For entries listing a different organism, no X. laevis homology resulted.

Clone    number     Size          Blastn(EST)                Blastx similarity results
-----   ---------   ------   ---------------------   ------------------------------------------
B63     BM928883    689 bp   no significant hits     93%/162 aa: predicted H. sapiens protein
                                                     of unknown function (BAA34509)
B81     BM928887    650 bp   99%/590 bp (CA985139)   67%/81 aa: X. laevis CIA, coactivator
                                                     independent of AF-2 (AAH42244)
B87     BM928889    682 bp   98%/661 bp (BU913447)   92%/188 aa: H. sapiens 34 kD cofactor
                                                     required for Sp1 transcription
                                                     activation (NP_004260)
B89     BM928890    737 bp   99%/506 bp (L49412)     96%/154 aa: X. laevis MMP-13,
                                                     collagenase 3 (Q10835)
B105    BM928893    694 bp   no significant hits     no significant hits
B118    BM928896    614 bp   no significant hits     70%/192 aa: hypothetical H. sapiens
                                                     protein (T46491)
C76     BM928917    589 bp   no significant hits     100%/134 aa: X. laevis tiarin (BAB85495.1)
D43     BM928944    490 bp   no significant hits     no significant hits
E7      BM928956    992 bp   99%/644 bp (BJ096036)   70%/219 aa: R. norvegicus Thiopurine
                                                     S-methyltransferase/occludin (AAD17293)
H59     BM928985    746 bp   94%/712 bp (CD327851)   97%/193 aa: H. sapiens PHD finger protein
                                                     10 isoform a (NP_060758.1)
H77     BM928996    737 bp   98%/735 bp (BU905447)   98%/219 aa: unknown X. laevis
                                                     protein (AAH60029.1)
H84     BM928999    370 bp   99%/261 bp (CB944338)   100%/38 aa: M. musculus MafY/Mt1a
                                                     (NP_075616); H. sapiens RNA polymerase
                                                     polypepetide K (NP_005025.1)
H97     BM929003    718 bp   no significant hits     61%/170 aa: hypothetical H. sapiens zinc
                                                     finger protein (NP_612143.1)
H98     BM929004    744 bp   98%/645 bp (BJ637772)   92%/138 aa: X. laevis early mitotic
                                                     inhibitor (AAK62272.1)
H151    BM929025    494 bp   99%/460 bp (BE678358)   100%/93 aa: X. laevis Xoom, oocyte
                                                     membrane protein (BAA86033)
H163    BM929030    740 bp   96%/586 bp (BJ643944)   86%/137 aa: H. sapiens protein similar
                                                     to D. melanogaster CG15881-PB
                                                     (XP_059492.3, AAN11634)
H186    BM929039    742 bp   99%/728 bp (BJ619251)   100%/237 aa: X. laevis Mat1 ring
                                                     finger (P51951)
J55     BM929059    650 bp   98%/464 bp (BJ073101)   78%/183 aa: H. sapiens testis expressed
                                                     sequence 27 (NP_068762.1)

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