Table 4 of Ohngemach, Mol Vis 2004; 10:1019-1027.

Table 4. Statistical analysis of selenoprotein mRNA expression changes

ANOVA results of changes of selenoprotein mRNA expression following lens and occluder treatment in the retina. All groups in which selenoprotein mRNA expressin was significantly different from each other are listed. Treated eyes (TE), untreated contralateral eyes (UE), and the control group (CG) are abbreviated in the table. Asterisks indicate statistical significance (* for p<0.05, ** for p<0.01, *** for p<0.001). Statistics are based on Dunnetts' post hoc test for comparisons to the control group and the Tukey-Kramer test when making comparisons to other groups.

ANOVA   Treatment    p value          Groups
-----   ----------   --------   -------------------
TE/CG   +7 D lens     0.0017    TE/24 h vs. CG***
                                 TE/2 h vs. 24 h*
                                    4 h vs. 24 h**

        -7 D lens    <0.0001    TE/24 h vs. CG***
                                 TE/2 h vs. 24 h***
                                    4 h vs. 24 h***
                                    6 h vs. 24 h***

        Occluders,   <0.0001     TE/2 h vs. CG***
        Binocular                TE/4 h vs. CG***
                                 TE/6 h vs. CG***

        Occluders,    0.0002     TE/6 h vs. CG***
        monocular                TE/2 h vs. 6 h*
                                    4 h vs. 6 h*

UE/GC   +7 D lens     0.0008    UE/24 h vs. CG***
                                 UE/4 h vs. 24 h**
                                    6 h vs. 24 h*

        -7 D lens    <0.0001    UE/24 h vs. CG***
                                 UE/2 h vs. 24 h***
                                    4 h vs. 24 h***
                                    6 h vs. 24 h***

        Occluders,   <0.0001     UE/6 h vs. CG***
        monocular                UE/4 h vs. CG**
                                 UE/2 h vs. 6 h***
                                    4 h vs. 6 h*

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