Table 1 of Ohngemach, Mol Vis 2004; 10:1019-1027.

Table 1. Differentially expressed cDNA fragments

Sequences (Seq) for the gene specific primers were derived from a previous differential display study [7]. In order to extend sequence information to the 5' end, we applied the method of 5'-RACE. Results of database searches of raced products are shown.

                                              Size in                             Accession
Seq    Gene specific primer for 5'-RACE     agarose gel     Sequence homology      number     E-value
---   ----------------------------------   -------------   --------------------   ---------   -------
 1    5'-CCTCCATCAGCTTCAAAGCCTGTGAAC-3'    1000 bp         Mus musculus 15 kDa    AF288740     3e-09
                                                           selenoprotein mRNA

                                                           Homo sapiens           BC005294     7e-07

 2    5'-TGCAACCCATGCTCACATACATATCAGG-3'   2000 bp (from   Homo sapiens           AF300648     4e-15
                                           double band)    guanine nucleotide
                                                           binding protein β4
                                                           mRNA; (transducin β)

                                                           Mus musculus           M63658       2e-17

                                           1000 bp         Human prolidase        BT006692     1e-24
                                           (sequenced      mRNA;
                                           directly from
                                           PCR product)    Mus musculus           NM_008820    1e-11

 3     5'-AAGCAGGAGGTGGAGAGCTGGAAGGAA-5'   1600 bp         no homologues

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