Figure 3 of Ohngemach, Mol Vis 2004; 10:1019-1027.

Figure 3. Influence of lens and diffuser wear on prolidase mRNA expression

Time course of changes in the mean normalized expression (MNE) of prolidase mRNA in chicken retina, induced by positive or negative defocus or image degradation by diffusers, was measured. Error bars represent standard deviations. Five to seven animals were tested in each treatment group. Statistically significant differences between the control group (CG) and the treatment groups treated (TE), untreated (UE), and binocular were analysed by ANOVA. The results of the post hoc comparison are given in the figure (horizontal brackets). Significant differences (after Bonferroni correction) at a given time point between treated and contralateral untreated eyes, or eyes that were treated with monocular and binocular diffusers, were determined by paired or unpaired t-test and are shown in the figure. Asterisks indicate different levels of statistical significance (* for p<0.05, ** for p<0.01, *** for p<0.001).

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