Figure 3 of Wang, Mol Vis 2003; 9:701-709.

Figure 3. IPTG supports outer segment assembly in RPE-deprived retinas

Xenopus laevis RPE-deprived retinas exposed to 5x10-3 to 5x10-7 M IPTG. IPTG supported outer segments assembly in a step-wise fashion up to a maximal response at 5x10-5 M and the supportive effect is reduced thereafter. A: 5x10-7 M IPTG; B: 5x10-6 M IPTG; C: 5x10-5 M IPTG; D: 5x10-4 M IPTG; E: 5x10-3 M IPTG; F: Summary graph of outer segment organization in the presence of different IPTG concentrations. The outer segment (OS), inner segment (IS), and the outer nuclear layer (ONL) are also labeled in the micrograph.

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