Table 2 of Cerra, Mol Vis 2003; 9:689-700.

Table 2. Exacerbation of TGFβ-induced cataractous changes in cultured rat lenses by FGF: Summary of results

In the column designated "FGF exacerbation" the plus sign indicates that cataractous changes were markedly enhanced in all lenses treated with TGFβ plus FGF relative to corresponding lenses treated with TGFβ alone, in terms of either the intensity and extent of the opacification response or the formation of plaques and/or multilayers of cells expressing markers for fibrotic change. In each case, control lenses cultured without TGFβ or FGF or with low doses of FGF (less than 20 ng/ml) showed negligible change. At higher doses of FGF, in the absence of TGFβ, while some generalized clouding of the lens epithelium was noted, discrete opacities or plaques were absent.

                (ng/ml)          FGF             Relevant
Age of rat   TGFβ    FGF     exacerbation        figure(s)
----------   ----   ------   -------------   -------------------
Weanling     1.5      20           +         1C,D; 2; 3A-C; 4A-C

Immature,    0.8      20           +              Not shown
male         0.8    5/2.5          +                1E,F
             0.5      10           +                5A,C

Adult,       3.0      30           +                4J-L

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