Table 2 of Kanagavalli, Mol Vis 2003; 9:606-614.

Table 2. Clinical data associated with MYOC variations

All probands with MYOC mutations had moderate to severe glaucomatous disc damage and field loss, high intraocular pressure on presentation and required filtering surgery to normalise IOP. LE indicates the left eye and RE indicates the right eye.

           Glaucoma     history of     Age at     Intraocular   Optic disc   Variation
Proband      type       the disease   diagnosis    pressure      cupping     identified
-------   -----------   -----------   ---------   -----------   ----------   ----------
 57-1     Adult onset       Yes          43         RE-32.0      RE-0.90     Gly122Gly
             POAG                                   LE-37.0      LE-0.90
 40-1        JOAG           No           32         RE-50.6      RE-0.95     Gly367Arg
                                                    LE-40.4      LE-0.90
 51-1     Adult onset       Yes          52         RE-44.0      RE-0.70     Thr377Met
             POAG                                   LE-36.0      LE-0.70

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