Figure 5 of Zhang, Mol Vis 2003; 9:584-593.

Figure 5. MEKK1 is dispensable for corneal epithelium differentiation

Embryonic eye sections from stages E15.5-E18.5 of wild type and Mekk1 homozygous mutant mice were subjected to immunostaining using antibodies for K14, a differentiation marker for basal keratinocytes (A) and K12, a specific corneal epithelium marker (B). K14 expression is detected in the corneal epithelium of wild type as well as in their homozygous mutant littermates. K12 expression, although not detectable in the E15.5 cornea, is evident in the cornea of E16.5 and E17.5 embryos from Mekk1ΔKD/ΔKD to the same level as of wild type.

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