Figure 7 of Al-Shabrawey, Mol Vis 2003; 9:549-558.

Figure 7. NADPH-diaphorase labeling of retinal flat mounts from eNOS+/+ and eNOS-/- mice

NADPH-diaphorase labeling of retina flat-mounts from eNOS+/+ (A, C, E) and eNOS-/- (B, D, F) retinas. NADPH-diaphorase labels amacrine-like cells and large vessels at P7 (A, B). The reaction is more also evident in capillaries at P9 (C) and P14 (E). In the eNOS-/- retina, the NADPH-diaphorase reactive amacrine-like cells (arrows) are more numerous than in the wild type at P7 (B), P9 (D) and P14 (F), whereas only the larger vessels show weak reaction at P9 and P14 (arrowheads).

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