Table 3 of Young, Mol Vis 2003; 9:508-514.

Table 3. Redundant genes in the sclera cDNA library

A list of redundant genes and their chromosome location, if identified, and the number of clones found. "N/A" indicates that no chromosomal localization has been determined for the gene.

                                                Chromosome       of
              Redundant genes                    location      clones
-------------------------------------------   --------------   ------
humanin (HN1)                                 N/A                8
ferritin, light polypeptide (FTL)             19q13.3-q13.4      5
apolipoprotein D gene (APOD)                  3q26.2-qter        5
cytochrome c oxidase II (MTCO2)               N/A                5
NADH dehydrogenase 1                          N/A                4
glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase      12p13.31-p13.1     4
cytochrome c oxidase III (MTCO3)              N/A                3
crystallin, alpha A (CRYAA)                   21q22.3            3
antigen identified by monoclonal antibodies   N/A                3
  12E7,F21 and O13
Ig Kappa (IGKC)                               2p12               2
IgM heavy chain (IGHM)                        14q32.33           2
immunoglobulin heavy constant gamma 3 (G3m    14q32.33           2
  marker; IGH3)
NADH dehydrogenase 4                          N/A                2
phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase beta-subunit     N/A                2
phospholipase A2, group IIA (PLA2G2A)         1p35               2
proline arginine-rich end leucine-rich        1q32               2
  protein (PRELP)
collagen,type X, alpha 1 (COL10A1)            6q21-q22.3         2
integrin,beta 5 (ITGB5)                       N/A                2

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