Figure 1 of Maddala, Mol Vis 2003; 9:329-336.

Figure 1. Growth factor induced activation of Rho GTPase in human lens epithelial cells

Serum starved human lens epithelial cells treated with different growth factors and LPA exhibited strong activation of Rho GTPase. A: A representative picture of western blotting of Rho GTPase activation induced by different growth factors. All the growth factors including LPA used in this study significantly induced activation of Rho GTPase (B). GTPγS and GDP treatment served as positive and negative controls, respectively, for the pull-down assays. As expected, Rho GTPase was not pulled down in the presence of GDP, confirming the specificity of the assay for the active GTP-bound form of Rho GTPase. Densitometric values were mean of three independent experiments.

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