Figure 2 of Reich, Mol Vis 2003; 9:210-216.

Figure 2. Effect of EGFP1.siRNA on EGFP expression in RPE cells in vivo

Eyes of mice were injected subretinally with Ad.CMV.EGFP in the presence of either EGFP1.siRNA (A,C) or hVEGF5.siRNA (B,D). Levels of EGFP were low in the injected portion of EGFP1.siRNA-treated eyes on inspection of flat mount preparations (A) and cryosections (C). No EGFP was detectable in the uninjected portions of these retinas. In comparison, high levels of EGFP were present in the region of injection in flat mounts (B) or cryosections (D) of eyes exposed to the control hVEGF5.siRNA. Arrows point to boundaries of injection blebs. Sections within the regions demarcated by the arrows in panels A and B are shown in panels C and D, respectively.

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