Table 3 of van Lith-Verhoeven, Mol Vis 2003; 9:138-143.

Table 3. Congenital and stationary retinal disease loci

Autosomal dominant (AD) and recessive (AR) congenital and stationary retinal disease loci, listed by chromosomal location and the microsatellite markers used for linkage analysis.

 location     AD/AR   Locus    Gene              Disease                 Markers
-----------   -----   -----   ------   ---------------------------   ----------------
3p22           AD     -       GNAT1    Congenital stationary night   D3S1298, D3S1289
3q21-q24       AD     -       RHO      Congenital stationary night   D3S3607, D3S1292
4p16.3         AD     CSNB3   PDE6B    Congenital stationary night   D4S1614, D4S2957
7q31.3-q32     AD     -       OPN1SW   Tritanopia                    D7S480, D7S635
1p13.1         AR     -       GNAT2    Achromatopsia                 D1S248, D1S250
2q11           AR     ACHM2   CNGA3    Achromatopsia                 D2S113
8q21-q22       AR     ACHM3   CNGB3    Achromatopsia                 D8S275, D8S167
15q23          AR     ESCS    NR2E3    Enhanced S-cone syndrome      D15S131, D15S115

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