Figure 2 of van Lith-Verhoeven, Mol Vis 2003; 9:138-143.

Figure 2. Pedigree and linkage analysis results of the BSMD family

The order of the markers is derived from the Généthon database [25]. Markers D6S426, D6S1582, and D6S271 flank the peripherin/RDS gene at 4.5 cM, 0 cM, and 1.2 cM, respectively. None of the haplotypes around the peripherin/RDS gene cosegregates with the BSMD phenotype. Haplotypes with brackets in generation I were deduced. Individual I-2 is either homozygous for the (1,4,4,5)-haplotype or by chance only transmitted this haplotype to her five children

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