Figure 1 of Bourcier, Mol Vis 2003; 9:96-102.

Figure 1. Inhibition of [125I]SDF-1 binding to cultured human corneal fibroblasts by increasing concentrations of unlabeled chemokines

[125I]SDF-1 binding was determined at 20 °C for 2 h. Human corneal fibroblasts cultures were incubated with [125I]SDF-1 in the absence or presence (solid box) of increasing concentrations of unlabeled SDF-1 in the binding buffer. IC50 values (8.3±1.2 nM) were determined by using the EBDA-LIGAND software. Results represent the mean from a representative experiment performed in triplicate and normalized to the maximal specific binding percentage. The experiments were replicated three times with similar results. Various chemokines were unable to compete with SDF-1 binding. RANTES (solid triangle) and MCP-1 (open circle) were inactive at 0.1 μM. Only IP-10 (open box) competed for 20% of SDF-1 binding at 0.1 μM.

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