Figure 1 of Piriev, Mol Vis 2003; 9:80-86.

Figure 1. PDEα' expression constructs

Constructs used for expression of cone cGMP-PDE α' subunit. CMV: human cytomegalovirus immediate early (IE) enhancer and promoter region. E: exon 1 of the major IE gene. I: intron composed of a 5' splice sequence from the major IE gene of human CMV attached to a synthetic 3' splice sequence. F: sequence corresponding to the FLAG peptide. MCS: multiple cloning site. XbaI and XhoI: restriction sites used to subclone the PDEα' cDNA. SV40 polyA: cleavage/polyadenylation signals derived from SV40. PGK-1: mouse phosphoglycerate kinase-1 promoter; neo: neomycin gene.

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