Figure 5 of Liou, Mol Vis 2002; 8:483-493.

Figure 5. MAP Kinase dependent ARPE-19 cell migration induced by HGF

Confluent monolayer of ARPE-19 cells on 60 mm plates with grid was treated 16 h after serum starvation with an aphidicolin (5 mM) for 2 h. Some cells were also incubated with PD98059 (30 mM in 0.1% DMSO). Cells were then scratched and HGF (50 ng/ml) was added and wound closure was documented by photography. Three experiments were analyzed in the Metamorph Imaging System with Image Processing and Analysis software. HGF induced migration at 22 h was inhibited completed by PD98059, whereas at 48 h, the effect of the inhibitor seemed to be wearing off. Bars indicate the mean and standard deviation of three independent experiments. Asterisks indicate level of statistical significance for p<0.05.

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