Figure 4 of Orem, Mol Vis 2002; 8:455-461.

Figure 4. Arrestin 2 is required for norpA-mediated masking of rhodopsin

Frozen (1 μM) sections were cut from norpA (A and B) or norpA; arr25 (C and D) retinas treated with 24 h of room light, followed by 15 min of blue light to convert rhodopsin to the active (M) form, and fixation of the tissue in the dark. The sections were stained for Arr2 using a polyclonal antipeptide antibody (A and C), and rhodopsin using the Rh1 monoclonal antibody (B and D). Notice that when Arr2 is absent, the Rh1 epitope masking is not observed.

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