Figure 3 of Orem, Mol Vis 2002; 8:455-461.

Figure 3. Metarhodopsin immunoreactivity is not masked in wildtype flies

Frozen (1 μM) sections were cut from wildtype retinas that had been treated with 24 h of room light, followed by 15 min of blue light (A-C) to convert rhodopsin to the M form or orange light to convert the rhodopsin to the R form (D-F). The treated retinas were then immediately fixed in the dark. Sections were stained for Arr2 using a polyclonal antipeptide antibody (A and D), and rhodopsin using the Rh1 monoclonal antibody (B and E). Panels C and F show the merged image. Note that rhodopsin from wildtype flies does not undergo the light-dependent epitope masking observed in norpA.

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