Table 4 of Dekomien, Mol Vis 2002; 8:436-441.

Table 4. RVC1 sequence variations

Identified polymorphisms in heterozygous patterns in PRA-affected dogs, used for exclusion of the RVC1 gene as cause for ar PRA in these dog breeds. *For abbreviations see Table 1.

           Sequence    Amino acid
Location   variation    exchange    Breeds*
--------   ---------   ----------   ---------------------------------------

5'-UTR       A127G         -        Bo, D, EM, MP, NF, GS, Sa, ScT, SD, TT
             C229T         -        Bo, D, IRS, NF, MP, ScT, Sl
Exon 1       C272A        N3K       D, ScT, Sl

Intron 1    C1552T         -        TT

Intron 2    C2735T         -        D, Co, GS, LR, NF, SD, Sl
            G2774A         -        D, Co, GS, LR, NF, SD, Sl
            C2814T         -        D, Co, GS, LR, NF, SD, Sl
            C2843T         -        D, Co, GS, LR, NF, SD, Sl
            G2940C         -        D, GS, NF, SD, Sl
            C2950T         -        CCR, D, IRS, LR, MP, NF, Sa, Sl, TT
            C2958A         -        MP
            G3010A         -        D, Sa
            A3102G         -        Bo, Co, GS, D, LR, MP, Sa, Sal, ScT, TT
            G3225A         -        Sa
            G3325A         -        NF
            T3370C         -        D, LR, Sa
            C3370G         -        Bo, IRS, MP, Sa, Sal, ScT

Exon 3      C4275A       P202H      Bo, D, GS, SD, Sl
3'-UTR      A4309G         -        Bo, D, ES, LR, Sa, Sal, SD, Sl

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