Figure 5 of Vittitow, Mol Vis 2002; 8:32-44.

Figure 5. Effect of AdhRhoA2 on the facility of outflow in post-mortem human anterior segments

Outflow facility was calculated as the rate of flow divided by the recorded reading of the IOP. Percent changes are calculated from baseline values obtained prior to injection. An adenoviral vector expressing dominant-negative RhoA was injected at a dose of 107 pfu (closed circles, n=6) and perfused for 72 h. Outflow facility values showed a significant increase of 32.5±7.7% in the viral-treated versus 5.1±4.0% (p=0.02) in the vehicle-treated, contralateral eyes (open circles, n=4) at 66 h post-injection. After 72 h, a 34.1±9.1% increase in outflow facility was noted versus 4.2±3.01% (p=0.03) in the control eyes.

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