Figure 2 of Vittitow, Mol Vis 2002; 8:32-44.

Figure 2. Effect of cytoskeletal drugs on the expression of the RhoA gene

A: Northern blots containing 10 mg total RNA from HTM and SC cells hybridized to a full-coding RhoA cDNA probe (top panel). Cells grown in the absence of serum for 24 h were exposed to 50 mM vinblastine (VIN), 1 mM latrunculin B (LAN), 300 mM H7 for 1 h. Cells grown in the presence of serum were washed and treated with 0.25 mM Ethacrynic Acid (ECA) for 2.5 h in serum-free medium. Cells grown in the presence of serum were exposed to 0.1 mM DEX for 12 days in serum-containing medium. Blots were subsequently hybridized to a 28S oligonucleotide for loading and RNA degradation control (lower panel). In addition, the blot containing the RNA from cells treated with DEX was hybridized to a full-coding TIGR/MYOC cDNA probe as a control of DEX induction. B: Scanning densitometry of the northern blots shown in A. C: controls, T: treated. Treatment with outflow facility drugs does not considerably affect the abundance of the RhoA transcript.

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