Figure 1 of Tasheva, Mol Vis 2002; 8:407-415.

Figure 1. Mimecan gene targeting strategy and generation of mimecan-null mice

A: Structure of the mouse mimecan gene with the relevant restriction sites (top), the structure of the targeting vector (middle), and the structure of targeted gene (bottom). The wild-type allele (Wt) gives 12-kilobase pair (kb) DNA fragment, whereas the mutated allele gives 10.2 kb after digestion with Sac I. Exons are numbered and the translation initiation site (ATG) is indicated. B: Southern blot analysis of Sac I digested mouse genomic DNA isolated from wild-type (+/+), heterozygous (+/-) and mimecan-null (-/-) mice. C: Northern blot analysis of total RNA extracted from the lung of wild-type (+/+), heterozygous (+/-) or mimecan-null (-/-) mice that indicate an absence of mimecan mRNA in the mutant mice.

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