Table 1 of Li, Mol Vis 2002; 8:341-350.

Table 1. Axon counts from murine optic nerves

Axon counts from optic nerves of mice with different backgrounds for p53. Each count represents the average (with standard deviation) of four nerves from eyes of each background and is an accurate indicator of the number of ganglion cells in the eyes of these mice. Cell number is not affected by the loss of functional alleles of p53 indicating that this gene does not regulate developmental programmed cell death of the RGCs in the developing retina.

 Mouse     Axon Counts
Genotype   (Total ± SD)
--------   ------------
 p53+/+    55381 ± 3920
 p53+/-    54359 ± 8859
 p53-/-    57433 ± 3767

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