Table 2 of Escribano, Mol Vis 2002; 8:315-332.

Table 2. Ciliary Body Subtracted (CBS) clones of unknown function

List of 105 subtracted ESTs isolated from a human ciliary body library [1]with unknown functions. Each ESTs is assigned to an Unigene cluster defined by the dbEST division of GenBank. Overlapping with ESTs isolated from other tissues or cells cDNA libraries is also indicated. The clone marked with an asterisk was previously analyzed [1].

          GenBank                                          accession
 CBS     accession                                         number of
clone    number of                                         homologous                 Unigene           Unigene cDNA
number   CBS clones             mRNA or clone                clones     Chromosome    cluster             sources
------   ----------   ----------------------------------   ----------   ----------   ---------   --------------------------

355      R45916       KIAA0731 protein                         -           5q33.2    Hs.365825   Eye; moderately
483      R88372       KIAA0697 protein                     XM_036687       4q13.3    Hs.12329    See note A
313      R45884       KIAA0258 gene product                XM_005394       9p13.3    Hs.47313    See note A
44       R30650       KIAA1199 protein                     XM_051860      15q25.2    Hs.50081    See note A
455      R47223       KIAA0193 gene product                NM_014766       7p14.3    Hs.75137    See note A
565      R95437       KIAA0172 protein                     XM_036297       9p24.3    Hs.311051   CNS;
                                                                                                 hepatocellular carcinoma;
                                                                                                 kidney; optic nerve;
                                                                                                 pancreas; pool; prostate;
                                                                                                 purified pancreatic islet;
                                                                                                 uterus; whole embryo
47       R30651       KIAA0623 gene product                XM_008514      17p11.2    Hs.151406   See note A
335      R45905       KIAA0828 protein                     AB020635        7q33.2    Hs.4984     See note A
248      R36817       KIAA1530 protein                     AL110229         -        Hs.191268   See note A
478      R88370       KIAA1797 protein                     AB058700        9p22.1    Hs.274251   See note B
236      R36809       Hypothetical protein DKFZp762M136    XM_035635      19p13.3    Hs.351747   See note A
260      R36823       Chromosome 1 open reading frame 8    XM_038905       1p32.3    Hs.11441    See note B
661      R95486       Hypothetical protein MGC1223         XM_037121    6p25.1-p23   Hs.273077   See note A
484      R88373       Hypothetical protein dJ462023.2      AL031431        1p36.11       -
583      R95444       c3orf1 hypothetical protein, M5-14   XM_031160       3q13.33   Hs.79530    See note B
347      R45912       Hypothetical protein PRO1855         AF119857       17q21.33       -
558      R95433       Homo sapiens hypothetical protein    NM_033309      16q22.1        -
62       R30658       Hypothetical protein MGC8721         XM_016499       8p12      Hs.279921   See note A
240      R36811       Homo sapiens hypothetical gene       XM_031503       3q27.2    Hs.144609   See note A
                      supported by BC008043 (LOC90407)
2        R30633       Brain my047 protein                  AF063605         -            -
350,     R45913,      bK407F11.C22.2.mRNA                  AL022329       22q12.1    Hs.4283     See note A
  672      R95493
133      R30675       Homo sapiens hypothetical gene       XM_053856        -            -
                      supported by BC010463 (LOC113172)
475      R88368       Human anonymous mRNA sequence with   U15426         16p13.2        -
                      CCA repeat region
344      R45910       cDNA DKFZp434K1210                   AL137588        8p21.1        -
61       R30657       Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ33115 fis,      AK057677        15q21     Hs.29894    See note A
                      clone TRACH2001314
372      R47186       cDNA FLJ14070 fis,                   AK024132        15q23     Hs.306666   Eye; prostate;
                      clone HEMBB1001619                                                         whole embryo,
                                                                                                 mainly body
336      R45906       Homo sapiens hypothetical protein    XM_039852       17p11.2   Hs.130740   See note A
340      R45907       Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ22524 fis,          -            -        Hs.17625    See note A
                      clone HRC12688
637      R95471       Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ13090 fis,      AK023152        7q11.21   Hs.287955   See note A
                      clone NT2RP3002142
605      R95454       Homo sapiens cDNA: FLJ20940 fis,     AK024593        17q21.1       -
                      clone ADSE01608
90       R30666       Homo sapiens cDNA: FLJ22060 fis,     XM_027793       17q23.2   Hs.29403    See note B
                      clone HEP10094
466      R88361       Homo sapiens mRNA for FLJ00086       XM_054174       16p13.3   Hs.343828   See note A
501      R88381       Homo sapiens hypothetical protein    XM_018376        -            -
316      R45887       Hypoyhetical protein FLJ10337.       XM_026998       9q34.13   Hs.173484   See note A
216      R36803       Hypothetical protein FLJ10875            -           1q23.1    Hs.20594    See note A
83       R30665       Hypothetical protein FLJ21801        XM_015768       8p21.3    Hs.299148   See note A
76       R30662       CGI-15 protein                       NM_015945      20q13.11       -
618      R95462       Homo sapiens cDNA: FLJ23367 fis,     AK027020        4q13.3    Hs.59838    See note A
                      clone HEP15725
540      R88398       Homo sapiens cDNA FLJ30634 fis,      AK055196        1q32.2    Hs.350065   See note A
                      clone CTONG2002453
476      R88369       PDZ domain containing-protein        NM_002614       1q21.1    Hs.15456    See note B
564*     R95436       Testis enhanced gene transcript      NM_003217      12q13.12   Hs.74637    See note A
362      R45920       LR8 protein                          XM_032223       7q36.1    Hs.190161   See note A
258      R36822       Hypothetical protein IMAGE3455200    NM_024006      16p12.3    Hs.324844   See note A
236      R36809       Homo sapiens, Similar to             BC004988         -            -
                      feminization 1 a homolog
                      (C. elegans)
343      R45909       Homo sapiens 3 BAC RP11-432D10       AC068302        3q29          -
314      R45885       Homo sapiens similar to              XM_059107       1p13.3        -
                      Hypothetical protein KIAA1218
468      R88363       Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-499D5        -            -            -
                      from 16
11,      R30636,      Homo sapiens chromosome 21 segment   AL163285      21q22.2         -
  53       R30654       HS21C085
600      R95451       Human HepG2 3' region cDNA,          D16914           -            -
                      clone hmd3c12
272      R36829       Human Chromosome 7                   AC092788         -            -
                      clone RP11-348A15 complete sequence
633      R95468       Homo sapiens DNA sequence from       AL021026        1q24.2        -
631      R95467       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL589644        6p24.3        -
                      RP11-489K8 on chromosome 6
658      R95484       Homo sapiens CpG island DNA genomic  Z59368         16p12.1        -
                      Mse1 fragment, clone 151g10 (Z59368)
179      R36788       Homo sapiens chromosome 5            AC016591        5q12.1        -
                      clone CTD-2003D5
28       R30646       Homo sapiens clone RP11-306G20       AC073320        7q32.2        -
29       R30647       BAC sequence from the SPG4           AL133243        2p22.3        -
                      candidate region at 2p21-2p22 BAC
                      559D11 of RPCI-11 library from
                      chromosome 2 of Homo sapiens
411      R47203       Homo sapiens genomic DNA,            AP001528       11q14.2        -
                      chromosome 11q, clone:RP11-736K20
467      R88362       LOC129401 Mitotic phosphoprotein 44  AC064871        2q32.1    Hs.180591   See note A
264      R36825       Homo sapiens chromosome 5            AC008905        5q15      Hs.231971   Brain; CNS; eye;
                      clone CTD-2259I14                                                          germ cell;
                                                                                                 nervous tumor
535      R88396       Homo sapiens clone RP11-548H3        AC012510        2q35      Hs.293687   See note B
403      R47200       Homo sapiens chromosome 17,          AC005277       17p12          -
                      clone hRPK.597_M_12
504      R88383       Human DNA sequence from              AL049713       11p13      Hs.26433    See note B
                      clone RP1-247C2 on chromosome 11p13
652      R95480       Human DNA sequence from              AL356318        9q13          -
                      clone RP11-161E22 on chromosome 9
580      R95442       Homo sapiens chromosome 5            AC008641        5q33.1        -
                      clone CTB-17P3
562      R95435       Homo sapiens chromosome 17,          AC015651       17q23.2        -
                      clone RP11-55A13
453      R47222       Clone RP11-162D16 on chromosome 9    AL359644        9q33.3    Hs.253903   Carcinoma in situ
                                                                                                 from retromolar
                                                                                                 trigone; ear; eye
503      R88382       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL121755       20p13          -
                      RP4-680N4 on chromosome 20
509      R88384       Homo sapiens 12q24.1                 AC002395       12q24.11   Hs.202234   See note A
                      PAC RPCI1-315L5
250      R36819       Homo sapiens HDCMB12P                AF067802        1p35.1    Hs.111449   See note A
323      R45893       Homo sapiens 3q27 BAC                AC007917        3q27.2        -
330      R45900       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL160397       13q14.2        -
                      RP11-83N23 on chromosome 13
341      R45908       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL031120        6p25          -
                      459L4 on chromosome 6p22.3-24.1
297      R45882       Homo sapiens chromosome 9,           AC006312        9q34.13       -
                      clone  hRPK.401_G_18
278      R36831       Homo sapiens chromosome 16           AC020663       16p13.3        -
                      clone RPCI-11_127I20
292      R36836       Homo sapiens chromosome 17,          AC006251       17p12          -
                      clone hRPK.692_E_18
608      R95457       Homo sapiens genomic DNA,            AP000787       11q21          -
                      chromosome 11q clone:RP11-712B9
612      R95460       Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-61L9     AC069282        7p12.3        -
54       R30655       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL357075        Xq27.1        -
                      RP11-486M3 on chromosome 6
368      R45922       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL359633        6p12.3        -
                      RP11-795J1 on chromosome 6,
                      complete sequence
352      R45914       Human chromosome 14 DNA sequence     AL591770         -            -
                      BAC R-1140I5 of library RPCI-11
365      R45921       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL121928       10q24.32   Hs.10915    See note A
                      RP11-18I14 on chromosome 10
532      R88393       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL589763        1q43          -
                      RP11-290P14 on chromosome 1
324      R45894       Homo sapiens BAC clone RP11-298E6    AC019184        2p21          -
656      R95482       Human DNA sequence from clone        AL137142       13q13.1        -
                      RP11-173P16 on chromosome
512      R88385       Homo sapiens chromosome 2p13         AC006544        2p12          -
                      clone bac91a19
551      R95427       Unknown                                  -          17q24.2    Hs.30514    See note B
491      R88376       Unknown                                  -           3q13.31   Hs.297912   dbEST Library
                                                                                                 Tissue Type
                                                                                                 restricted to eye
326      R45896       Unknown                                  -           8q24.13       -
243      R36813       Unknown                                  -          16q12.1        -
450      R47220       Unknown                                  -          10q26.11       -
621      R95464       Unknown                                  -           8q21.11       -
654      R95481       Unknown                                  -           1p31.1        -
230      R36808       Unknown                                  -           4p15.32       -
267      R36827       Unknown                                  -          18q21.1        -
517      R88388       Unknown                                  -          18p11.21       -
586      R95445       Unknown                                  -           3q25.32       -
39       R30648       Unknown                                  -           5q31.3        -
26       R30644       Unknown                                  -           5q21.3        -
332      R45902       Unknown                                  -           6p21.31       -
443      R47217       Unknown                                  -           1p36.22       -
592      R95448       Unknown                                  -            -            -
441      R47215       Unknown                                  -            -            -
445      R47218       Unknown                                  -            -            -
393      R47198       Unknown                                  -            -            -
611      R95459       Unknown                                  -            -            -

Note A: Identified in more than 10 cDNA libraries from different tissues
Note B: Identified in more than 10 cDNA libraries from different tissues including distinct eye tissues

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