Figure 1 of Fei, Mol Vis 2002; 8:306-314.

Figure 1. Identification of mice carrying the GFP transgene and the rd1 mutation

Transgene was identified by PCR analysis of mouse tail DNA using the human red opsin promoter and the GFP-specific primers, which gives a 641 bp band (A). PCR coupled Dde I analysis was used to identify the rd1 genotypes. A 298 bp DNA fragment was amplified from the rod cGMP PDE-beta gene by PCR (B), followed by digestion with Dde I where (C) wild type (+/+) had a single 298 bp band, homozygous rd1 (-/-) had 4 bands (137 bp, 105 bp, 47 bp, and an invisible 9 bp) and heterozygous rd1 had all bands.

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