Table 1 of Wilson, Mol Vis 2002; 8:259-270.

Table 1. List of available microarrays

The list comprises some of the types of microarrays currently available. Information provided includes the companies that distribute these arrays, the type of array, number of elements per array, and other available services or kits.

Company             Name                Type of Array           Arrays available and Comments
-----------------   -----------------   ---------------------   -------------------------------------------

Affymetrix, Inc.    GeneChip®           High density            Human, rat, mouse, drosophila, Arabidopsis,
                    Expression Arrays   oligonucleotide         yeast, E.coli. Rat toxicology/neurobiology
                                        genome arrays (can      arrays available. Customized array service
                                        contain about 12,000    available.
                                        genes per chip)

SuperArray, Inc.    GEArray and         Nylon membrane cDNA     Cell cycle, apoptosis, cytokine, chemokine
                    GEArray Q series;   arrays (GEArray has     and receptor, cancer, PathwayFinder, tumor
                    Pathway-specific    20 cDNA fragments       &  metastasis, angiogenesis, adhesion and
                    Gene Expression     spotted in duplicate.   ECM. Both array types are available as kits
                    Arrays              GEArray Q series has    containing 2, 4, and 12 membranes.
                                        96 genes)

Clontech            Atlas Arrays        Nylon membrane cDNA     Human: 3.8K &  8K, cancer, apoptosis,
                                        macroarrays, glass      cardiovascular, cell cycle,
                                        slide arrays and        cytokine/receptor, oncogene/tumor
                                        plastic films           suppressor, hematology/immunology,
                                        (Plastic films and      neurobiology, stress, toxicology. Rat: 1K,
                                        glass slides have       stress, toxicology. Mouse: 1K, cancer,
                                        long oligos)            stress, toxicology

Agilent             Agilent Catalog     cDNA microarrays        Human gene expression arrays, CDNA arrays
                    Microarray kits,    and in situ             spotted using pre-defined cDNA clone sets
                    Agilent Custom      oligonucleotide         from Incyte Genomics. Oligonucleotide
                    Oligonucleotide     arrays (inkjet          arrays feature either 25-mer or 60-mer in
                    Microarrays         printed)                situ oligonucleotide synthesized probes on
                                                                glassslides in either 8.4K or 22K format.
                                                                Customized service available.

Sequenom            SpectroCHIP         Silicon chip            Designed for genotyping.
                                        containing high
                                        density array of mass
                                        spectrometry analysis

Incyte Genomics     GEM series of       CDNA microarray         Human, rat, arabidopsis, mouse. CDNA arrays
                    microarrays                                 using sequence-verified cDNA clones

Nanogen             NanoChip            Electronic chip for     Ideal for SNP (single nucleotide
                    Microelectronic     RNA and DNA analysis,   polymorphism), STR (short tandem repeat)
                    Array               is 99-site array        and point mutations research for clinical

NEN Life Sciences   MICROMAX            cDNA slide microarray   Cuts down on starting material, utilizes
Products, Inc.                                                  1-4 μg total RNA

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