Table 3 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2002; 8:251-258.

Table 3. Novel bovine cDNAs expressed in the bovine RPE/retina

For each cDNA the GenBank accession number, any homology to uncharacterised human sequences and the corresponding Unigene identification are listed.

Bovine   Accession       Database       Human UniGene
clone     number         homology        identifier
------   ---------   ----------------   -------------

S690     AF451165
S693     AF451166
S696     AF451167    DKFZp586B0621      Hs.157211
S762     AF451168    KIAA1522           Hs.322735
S775     AF451169
S788     AF451170    RP4-791K14*
S789     AF451171
S812     AF451172    AdRab-G, FJ30107   Hs.343553
S832     AF451173    KIAA1157           Hs.21894
S854     AF451174
S901     AF451175
S992     AF451176
S993     AF451177
S995     AF451178
S1018    AF451179
S1642    AF451180
S1921    AF451181
S1931    AF451183
S1933    AF451184
S1945    AF451185    RP1 163G9*
S1977    AF451186
S1997    AF451187    KIAA0562           Hs.200595
S2006    AF451188    FLJ10018           Hs.322045
S2016    AF451189

*Human BAC (Bacterial artificial chromosome) clone

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