Table 2 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2002; 8:251-258.

Table 2. Subtracted bovine cDNAs homologous to known mammalian genes

BLAST analysis was performed for each cDNA query sequence against the non-redundant nucleotide, protein, human EST and human genomic sequence databases. The Northern blot and BLAST analyses results are tabulated.

   Clone name     in this study        Homology to known gene                 Species         Reference
   ------------   ------------------   ------------------------------------   -------------   ---------

Homology to bovine genes:

   S779           Retina               Guanine nucleotide binding protein,    Bovine            [18]
                                         gamma subunit in cones
   S810, S1932    RPE                  SFRP5                                  Bovine            [20]
   S774           RPE                  RGR                                    Bovine            [21]
   S1934, S2066   Retina, RPE          RGR                                    Bovine            [21]
   S2084          Retina, RPE          Retinal cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase   Bovine            [19]

Homology to retinal disease genes:

   S709           Retina, RPE          PHR1                                   Human, mouse      [24]
   S1926          Retina, RPE          NRL                                    Human              [6]
   S2077          Retina, RPE          HRG4, RRG4                             Human, rat         [7]

Homology to other genes

   S727           RPE                  Stra6                                  Mouse             [12]
   S743           Retina, RPE          WDR6                                   Human             [41]
   S751           Retina, brain        TTYH1                                  Human             [30]
   S766           Retina, brain        40S ribosomal protein S13              Human
   S905           All tissues tested   Glyoxalase 1                           Human             [26]
   S1631          All tissues tested   SH3PX1                                 Human
   S1929          Retina, RPE          ACP33                                  Human             [28]
   S1944          Retina, RPE,         Cytochrome b5 reductase 1              Human, bovine    [42,43]
   S1947          RPE                  Melastatin                             Mouse, human      [44]

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