Table 1 of Sharma, Mol Vis 2002; 8:251-258.

Table 1. Summary of the expression patterns of subtracted bovine cDNAs

Expression of the subtracted bovine cDNAs was analysed in bovine retinal, RPE, kidney/muscle, heart/liver and brain tissues by Northern blot analysis. The table shows the various expression patterns observed and the number of clones exhibiting each expression pattern.

Expression pattern            of clones
---------------------------   ---------
RPE                              11
RPE and retina                   11
RPE, retina and brain             2
RPE and kidney/muscle             1
RPE, retina and                   1
All tissues tested but high       1
  in RPE
All tissues tested but high       2
  in RPE and retina
Retina                           13
Retina and brain                  3
---------------------------   ---------
Total                            45

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