Figure 7 of Lee, Mol Vis 2002; 8:17-25.

Figure 7. Localization of p27Kip1 in response to FGF-2 stimulation

CEC at 80% confluency were treated with FGF-2 (10 ng/ml) in the presence or absence of anti-PLC-g1 antibody for 24 h. Cells were then fixed and stained for p27Kip1. A: CEC maintained in DMEM-10 and stained in the absence of anti-p27Kip1 antibody. B: CEC maintained in DMEM-10 and deprived of serum for 24 h before staining for p27Kip1. C: CEC treated with FGF-2 for 24 h. D: CEC simultaneously treated with FGF-2 and anti-PLC-g1 antibody (5 ml) for 24 h. These images are representative of all three experiments. Bar is 10 mM.

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