Figure 2 of Wistow, Mol Vis 2002; 8:171-184.

Figure 2. A major alternative splice form of the lens membrane protein MP19

A: Cartoon representation of the predicted amino acid sequence of human MP19ins and its arrangement in the lipid bilayer of the lens cell membrane. Four predicted transmembrane helices are shown. The residues of the insertion sequence are shown in red with basic residues in that region blue. B: Splicing pattern in the MP19 gene (LIM2). Top: Sequence of exons 2, 2ins, and 3 of human MP19ins. Noncoding sequence is lower case. The insert ORF is in blue; the rest of the ORF is in red. Alternative splice junctions for the 3' end of exon 2 are boxed. Bottom: A cartoon of the gene. Exons are shown as boxes. Noncoding sequence is green. Exons for the short form of MP19 are in red. The insert sequence for MP19ins is in blue.


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