Figure 7 of Kinkl, Mol Vis 2002; 8:149-160.

Figure 7. Expression of candidate FGF-related signaling molecules in inner retinal cells of PN5 rat retina in vitro

Cultures of inner retinal cells were immunolabeled with antibodies specific for PLCg1 (A, D), SOS1 (B, E), SOS2 (C, F), ERK1/2 (G, J), SH-PTP2 (H, K), and Shc (I, L) after 3 d in vitro. PLCg1 and ERK1/2 showed the most widespread labeling on neurons and glia, while SOS1, SOS2, and SH-PTP2 stained more intensely neurons. Shc showed only faint labeling. See text for additional details. Magnification x1000.

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