Figure 6 of Sullivan, Mol Vis 2002; 8:102-113.

Figure 6. Formamide promotes cleavage of truncated WT substrate at 37 °C

Formamide was added to the cleavage reactions to chaperone annealing and reactivity of second generation anti-V230 hRzs with the WT-truncated S. Formamide enhances hRz cleavage of long native mRNAs [72] by decreasing the melting temperature of hybridized stems in a concentration dependent manner. The panel shows cleavage of the WT truncated S by preannealed Rz2B at 37 °C ([E]:[S] 6:1, S at 650 nM) for 1 h with increasing concentrations of deionized formamide (0-20% v/v), lanes 1 through 4. Lane 5 is the control short S without Rz2B at 0% formamide. Lane 6 is the short S with Rz2B but without Mg2+ at 40:1 E:S ratio and without formamide. Lane 7 is Rz2B RNA alone. Lane 8 and 10 are open. Lane 9 is the short S alone. Lane 11 is the RNA ladder.

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