Figure 5 of Wagner, Mol Vis 2001; 7:57-62.

Figure 5. aB- and aA-crystallin transcript measurement

Total RNA (5 mg) was reverse transcribed and the cDNA product amplified by PCR. The PCR products measure 497 bp for aB-crystallin (A) and 428 bp for aA-crystallin (B) as indicated by the marker. Whole mouse lens was used for a positive control for both crystallin isoforms. For a negative control for aA-crystallin, untransfected N/N 1003A cells with or without zinc acetate and mouse heart were used. aB-crystallin transcript was detected in all the samples. Low levels of aA-crystallin transcript were detected in cells overexpressing PKCa and even lower levels of aA-crystallin transcript were detected after PKCg overexpression for 7 days. In the "time" row, the number 7 refers to 7 days of overexpression and the number 24 refers to 24 h of overexpression.

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