Figure 1 of Jomary, Mol Vis 2001; 7:36-41.

Figure 1. Schematic representations of plasmid clones

Schematic, partial representations of the plasmid clones used to generate recombinant AAV.NTN (panel A) and AAV.GFRa-2 (panel B). A: Assembly of AAV.NTN was by PCR-based modification of the CMV promoter-murine NTN coding sequence of pJDM1923, facilitating insertion into the C-terminal tag vector pcDNA3HisV5 (Invitrogen), followed by transfer to the AAV vector, pTR. B: For AAV.GFRa-2, a CMV-GFRa-2 plasmid with HA tag inserted between amino acids 32 and 33 was adapted to excise the coding sequence and replace the PDE-b cDNA in AAV plasmid pTOP8.

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