Figure 7 of Chen, Mol Vis 2001; 7:305-313.

Figure 7. GRK7 from other species

A: 50 mg of retinal extracts from bovine (B), chicken (C), human (H), mouse (M), rat (R) and pig (P) retinas were analyzed by Western blot using UU45APC (1:1,000 dilution). The presence of GRK7 in all species examined except in chicken is demonstrated. B: Western Blot analysis of 30 mg protein extracts from various mouse tissues using UU45APC (1:1,000 dilution). GRK7 protein is found in several mouse tissues and is especially prevalent in brain, olfactory bulb, pancreas and retina. B: brain, Ob: olfactory bulb, H: heart, K: kidney, Li: liver, Lu: lung, M: skeletal muscle, P: pancreas, R: retina.

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