Figure 3 of Chen, Mol Vis 2001; 7:305-313.

Figure 3. Retina specific expression of human GRK7

A: RT-PCR analyses of human total RNAs using GRK7 specific primers (left panel) and b-actin specific primers (right panel). Shown here are reverse images of ethidium bromide stained agarose gels. The leftmost lanes of each panel are 1 Kb DNA markers (GibcoBRL). B: Western blot analysis of various human tissue extracts (30 mg/lane from Clontech human protein medley) using UU45APC (1:1,000 dilution). B: brain, H: heart, K: kidney, Li: liver, Lu: lung, Ln: lymph node, R: retina, S: spleen, T: testis, Th: thyroid gland, Tr: trachea. Human GRK7 transcript and polypeptide can only be detected in the retina.

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