Figure 2 of Chen, Mol Vis 2001; 7:305-313.

Figure 2. Amino acid sequence alignment of vertebrate GRK1 and GRK7 polypeptides

The alignment was produced using ClustalW 1.8 method. H7: human GRK7, B7: bovine GRK7, C7: carp GRK7, B1: bovine GRK1, C1: carp GRK1, H1: human GRK1. Acidic residues are presented in blue, basic residues in magenta, small and hydrophobic residues in red, other residues in green. In the consensus line immediately below each alignment, identical or conserved residue is marked by an asterisk, conserved substitution by a colon and semi-conserved substitution by a period. The carboxyl terminal Caax motif is indicated by a rectangle. The CLVS motif of human GRK1 specifies protein farnesylation, while the CLLL motif of human GRK7 specifies protein geranylgeranylation. Sequences of peptides used for antibody production, GRK7-N1, GRK7-N2 and GRK7-C, are as indicated. The exon boundaries are marked by downward arrowhead for human GRK7 and by upward arrowhead for human GRK1.

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