Figure 1 of Chen, Mol Vis 2001; 7:305-313.

Figure 1. Characterization of human GRK7 gene

A: Exon/Intron arrangement of the human GRK1 and GRK7 genes. Black boxes, exons; white boxes, UTRs. The genes are located on different chromosomes and their structures are unrelated. B: Dendrogram based on amino acid sequence alignment showing that GRK1 is ancestral to GRK7. The genes shown in the dendrogram are listed with their GenBank accession numbers: mouse GRK1 (AF085240), bovine GRK1 (M73836), human GRK1 (U63973), rat GRK1 (U63971), carp GRK1 (AB055657), chicken GRK1 (AF019766), ground squirrel GRK7 (AF063016), teleost GRK7 (AB009568), carp GRK7 (AB055658), human GRK7 (AF439409), and bovine GRK7 (AY049726).

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