Figure 4 of Wang, Mol Vis 2001; 7:20-26.

Figure 4. Northern and in situ hybridization

A: Northern hybridization of total RNA isolated from corneas: lanes 1-4 are from corn1/corn1 mice; lanes 5-8 wild type mice. The levels of lumican and keratocan mRNAs are higher in corn1/corn1 mice compared to wild type controls, however levels of K12 mRNAs are the same. B: In situ hybridization of corneas: top, keratin 12 mRNA is present in all cell layers of epithelium; middle, lumican mRNA is located in epithelial cells and stromal keratocytes of mutant, but only present in keratocytes of wild type mice; bottom, keratocan mRNA is in the stromal keratocytes regardless the genotypes. The bar is equal to 200 mm. K12, keratin 12; Lum, lumican; Ktcn, keratocan; gapdh, glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase.

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