Figure 2 of Ryan, Mol Vis 2001; 7:222-227.

Figure 2. Phylogenetic analysis of G-protein beta subunits

A multiple alignment of the peptide sequences of known G-protein beta subunits (salamander b1, AF277161; human b1, P04901; bovine b1, A24225; rat b1, P54311; xenopus b1, P79959; drosophila b1, P26308; human b2, P11016; mouse b2, P54312; drosophila b2, P29829; salamander b3, AF277162; rat b3, P52287; canine b3, P79147; human b3, P16520; mouse b4, P29387; salamander b5, AF369757; human b5, O14775; mouse b5, A54969) was constructed with the GCG program PILEUP using the Blosum62 scoring matrix. This alignment was then processed sequentially by the GCG programs Distance (using the Kimura protein distance correction) and Growtree (with the Neighbor Joining method) to produce the indicated phylogenetic tree. This tree was opened by TreeviewPPC version 1.5 to show the corrected protein distances.

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