Figure 1 of Schlamp, Mol Vis 2001; 7:192-201.

Figure 1. Quantification of Thy1 mRNA after acute damage

RNase protection analysis of Thy1 mRNA levels in retinas of CB6F1 mice after optic nerve crush or after intravitreal injection of 160 nmoles of NMDA. Nuclease digestion of protected probe results in a discrete 305 nt fragment detected on denaturing polyacrylamide gels. The tRNA lane shows that no fragment was protected by an equal mass of yeast tRNA to control for non-specific interactions. Each lane on the gel represents an equal amount of total RNA isolated from four pooled experimental or control retinas. After optic nerve crush, the abundance of Thy1 mRNA appears to decrease as early as 24 h after damage to the nerve and is barely detected by 14 days. The control lane shown in this gel is RNA extracted from control eyes of mice 14 days after surgery on the fellow eyes. After NMDA injection, the abundance of Thy1 mRNA transiently increases 1 h after injection. The control lane shown in this gel represents the abundance of Thy1 mRNA in control BSS-injected eyes at this time point. By 6 h, the abundance of Thy1 has dropped below the level found in control eyes. Very little Thy1 message is detectable by 24 h after injection.

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