Table 2 of Lewis, Mol Vis 2001; 7:164-171.

Table 2. Inhibition of polyol accumulation in lens epithelial cells

Polyol accumulation in N/N 1003a rabbit lens epithelial cells. Results of tissue culture assay of HAR-1 through HAR-4. 40 mM galactose media was supplemented with 10 mM of inhibitor added to lens epithelial cells for 48 h. Percent inhibition was compared to galactose treated cells without inhibitor. Percent inhibition was shown with standard deviations; the number of experiments, in triplicate, are in parentheses. Values for HAR-2 and HAR-3 were not significantly different from control values without inhibitor.

Inhibitor   Percent inhibition
 (10 mM)        of Polyol
---------   ------------------
  HAR-1         80±10% (3)
  HAR-2        <10% (2)
  HAR-3        <10% (2)
  HAR-4         43±6% (2)
Tolrestat       95±4% (3)

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